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    The cover of the book "Pen and Ink: Tattoos and the Stories Behind Them."

    Authors of “Pen and Ink” Speak at Texas Book Festival

    Among the many sessions listed on the Texas Book Festival schedule, the title “Tattoo Tales” definitely stood out. But what do tattoos have to do with books? Buzzfeed books editor Isaac Fitzgerald and artist Wendy McNaughton delivered a compelling discussion on the storytelling that stems from tattoos. “When you stop and ask somebody, ‘Hey, what made you decide to permanently mark your body with that image?’ there is always a story,” McNaughton says.

    ATX Rookie Guide

    ATX Rookie Guide: Outdoor Gems to Enjoy Before Winter

    The city of Austin is filled with many things to do that will deter even the most passionate couch potato from wasting away indoors. There are plenty of spots around town that will satisfy your wanderlust desires like hiking, rock climbing and even just taking in the view of the never-ending hill country. With winter weather quickly approaching, lace up those tennis shoes and spend some time with Mother Nature before it gets too cold outside for Texan blood. Here are a few adventures to make time for.

    Svante's featured

    Video: Svante’s Stuffed Burgers Food Truck Feature

    Between the festivals, football games and millennials immigrating by the dozens, it comes as no surprise that Austin is a hub for food trucks. From barbecue to cupcakes, these mobile eateries satisfy a bounty of cravings. With hundreds food carts scattered throughout the city, it’s hard to know which one to choose – especially to cure hunger pangs during a busy festival or post-Sixth Street hankerings. To help ease the anxiety of arbitrary decision making between neighboring vendors, ORANGE will be giving a sneak peek into the history, kitchen and crazy customers at some of the best food trucks in Austin.

    Next up: Svante’s Stuffed Burgers.


    #AlbinoSquirrelatUT: Gave Me an A

    The internet is a funny thing. We can communicate across countries and seas, sharing ideas, thoughts and, of course, pictures. Nowadays, with a quick pic you can turn an average Joe into a viral sensation. This was the case for UT’s resident Albino Squirrel. In the generation of Beliebers and Directioners, why not add some Albino Squirrel-ers to the mix?

    Rochelle Rae, who is the creator and CEO of Rae Cosmetics, designed a make-up line for active women and athletes.

    Boutique of the Week: Rae Cosmetics

    The luminous Rae Cosmetics studio sits on W. 2nd street in downtown Austin. Apart from the bright pops of color from the makeup, the interior of the studio is entirely white. Posters of athletes adorn the wall. A ballet dancer, a cyclist and a triathlete model the makeup, vouching for its resistance to heat and perspiration.


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