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    Seven Texas Beers That Aren’t Shiner or Lone Star

    Watching a Shiner Bock flow into an icy, tall glass is almost as good as being on the field when Vince Young scored the winning touchdown at the 2006 Rose Bowl. (Most Texas sentence ever?) Not all beers are the MVP of Texas, but they definitely shouldn’t be overlooked. With Austin Beer Week quickly approaching, here are seven Texas craft beers that you can add to your starting lineup.

    Jackie usually works on campus, but she has her mother's sewing machine handy in case of emergencies!

    Jackie Ramirez: Student Fashion Designer

    Jackie Ramirez’s tiny hands guide pink fabric through an eager sewing machine — her fingers only millimeters away from the punching needle.

    “It’s like my getaway, you know?” Ramirez, a textile and apparel sophomore, says as her fingers continue to push fabric through the machine.

    Wilkins and Puckett perform a duet during one of Hikes' shows.

    Entwining Roots: Q&A with Nathan Wilkins and Claire Puckett of Ponca

    Honey bees fly in circles outside Quack’s 43rd Street Bakery, moving from the brim of Nathan Wilkins’ hat to the flowers behind Claire Puckett’s chair. Puckett props her legs up casually in Wilkins’ lap, and the insects create an enchanted, buzzing halo around the couple. Both musicians belong to different Austin-based bands — Puckett to Mother Falcon and Wilkins to Hikes. A budding power couple in the local music scene, Wilkins and Puckett are currently collaborating as the folk-inspired duo named Ponca.


    How to Throw a Classy Cocktail Party for Under $100

    It’s Saturday morning and you’re nursing a hangover with a breakfast burrito and a marathon of “The Hills” – thank God for #RetroMTV Brunch, am I right? Anyway, as you look down at your heels on the floor from the night before, you think to yourself: “Why am I not going to nice cocktail parties like LC?” Another bite into your burrito and you come to the stark realization that those parties cost thousands of dollars, and you don’t have a reality TV executive offering to fund your birthday at the W hotel. You’re back to square one and your burrito is almost gone. So yeah, maybe you’ll never throw a party at the Roosevelt Hotel with Brody Jenner by your side, but that doesn’t mean you can’t throw a classy cocktail party … and still be able to afford a bomb burrito the next morning.

    A Giant Dog perform during the intermission of Fashion Freakout 5 on March 2nd, 2012. Photo credit: Tim Griffin (@griffinshot).

    What is Your Most “Austin” Moment?

    This is an enchanted place. No, I don’t mean really cool or fun or eclectic – it’s literally enchanted. Things happen here that don’t happen in the real world. Each member of the ORANGE Music Staff has experienced that pivotal moment that changed their lives forever. It’s a blessing and a curse, really. No matter how mind-bogglingly awesome our celebrity run-ins or community festival experiences may have been, we are now forever spoiled, fully aware of the depressing fact that no other city will ever match the serendipitous beauty of Austin.


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