hand-crafted by UT students for ATX

    Finished terrarium

    Garden in a Bottle: DIY Terrarium

    Terrariums are the perfect plant remedy to spice things up in a dreary dorm or apartment. These tiny ecosystems are typically made in glass jars and thrive off room temperature environments. It’s the perfect low-key way to decorate and rejuvenate your college living space. So, green thumbs and garden newbies alike, grab your gloves because it’s about to get herbaceous up in here.


    Look Through the Lens: MOD Photo Recap

    On Friday, September 12, the LBJ Presidential Library lit up with socialites, designers and fashion lovers from all over at “MOD: A Modern Take on ‘60s Fashion.” Austin designers Daniel Esquivel, Ross Bennett, Crowned Bird, Gail Chovan, Boudoir Queen, Amber Perley and Rare Trends brought Lady Bird Johnson’s evening wear back to life with modern looks based on her time in the White House.

    "These shots from the Ultimate Basement in Spindale were just about the only highlight of North Carolina," Rolli (pictured) says.

    Letter from the Music Editor: And in the End…

    They say home is where the heart is. They forgot to mention that home is where the comfy bed, working kitchen appliances and free Wi-Fi are as well. We got back from tour a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been meaning to sit down and write my final reflections on the whole adventure ever since then, but truthfully, I’ve been trying to enjoy my last week and a half at home before I leave yet again, this time until December at the earliest. Hey, this is the first stress-free week I’ve had all summer.

    Courtesy of The Last Remark

    Letter from the Music Editor: My Life On Tour

    I haven’t produced a single piece of writing in nearly three months.

    That’s probably a mortal sin in this world, right? Shouldn’t I be stricken from the journalistic community and left to wither in my own irrelevance? Even if I’m allowed to stay, my creative muscles have probably atrophied past the point of no return. I’m lucky I even managed to eek out the last five sentences!

    DSC_1820 edit

    Emilie Frøyland: The Face Behind “Fashion Conspiracy”

    With a hint of an accent and a whole lot of bleach blonde hair, it is no surprise that Norwegian blogger Emilie Frøyland is just as sweet as the desserts inside Royer’s Pie Haven. It is a hot Friday afternoon and Frøyland is wearing a black leather skirt and a navy striped blouse. Her blue nails reflect her blue eyes, and she models a pair of white pumps and a black Prada bag. With wide eyes and a big smile, the blogger proclaims her love for bags: “I definitely have a purse obsession!”

    Guate boots by Teysha

    Teysha Boots Kick Poverty with Every Pair

    First, you pick your leather. Then, you pick your textile. At Teysha, the Guate Boot experience is entirely personal.

    Two years ago, Sophie Eckrich and Travis Breihan bought a one-way ticket to Panama in the hopes of starting a business that would help the people. Three months later, they returned to Austin with a business venture they never planned for.


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