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    21st st coop sxsw 2012

    Future of West Campus Culture and Events Up in the Air

    Dozens of people stand scattered across the lawn at Eden House Co-op on the night of Friday, Aug. 29, enjoying one last hurrah at the start of a new school year. Some chat with friends or kick back on a pair of couches facing the road. Others filter into the packed house, where bands play to a jovial crowd. Suddenly, police cars wash the house and all of its guests in hues of blue and red. Plastic cups drop to the ground in a resounding clamor.The party is over.


    Welcome to the Show: The Best Small Venues in Austin

    From punk to hip-hop, Austin has something for every type of music fan on any given night. Where the show takes place is almost as important as the performance itself. A venue’s ambiance can make or break a live music experience. The ORANGE Music Staff encourages all live music enthusiasts to find the venue that best resonates with them.

    A wall of t-shrts, accessories and random objects that add to Csilla Somogyi's unique interior flair.

    Local Designer, UT Alum Runs Captivating Boutique

    At Csilla Somogyi, racks of vibrant, high-quality and handmade pieces adorn the chic interior. Shelves of T-shirts and jewelry made by local artisans line the sides of the shop. High-end dresses decorate the store. Located in the heart of Austin on Congress Street and 5th Street, the eccentric feel of Somogyi’s boutique captivates customers of all styles as soon as they walk through the shop’s tall wooden doors.


    ORANGE You Glad?

    ORANGE You Glad is a weekly series that features all of the awe-inspiring things that caught ORANGE editors’ eyes. This comprehensive, weekly list will keep you updated with our latest hang-ups. So, ORANGE you glad?

    This week…

    Pearl Street Featured

    Video: A Look Inside Pearl Street Co-op

    Deep in the heart of West Campus, among a bundle of multi-colored apartment complexes, you will find Pearl Street Co-op, one of the many collaborative housing units near campus that provides students with an alternative to dorm living. We talked to some “Pearlies” about the non-traditional dwelling they call home.

    The Hungry Professor

    The Hungry Professor: Chef Quigley

    It’s crazy to think that professors have lives beyond teaching, office hours and answering our frantic emails … but they do. They eat, drink and cook (or attempt to cook) just like us! In the segment of “The Hungry Professor,” we will divulge the guilty pleasures, secret recipes and kitchen disaster stories of our favorite educators.

    Females in Rock- All photos by Britny Eubank

    It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World: A Look at the Experience of Female Rock Musicians

    Women have always played rock and roll. From ‘60s wailers like Janis Joplin, to ‘70s punk legends like Patti Smith, to ‘80s guitar wizards like Joan Jett and Lita Ford, all the way to ‘90s alt-rock darlings like Courtney Love, each decade has seen some key female artists in the genre.

    Still, the fact remains that rock and roll has always been almost exclusively an all-boys club. For example, less than 20 percent of the bands on the most recent Warped Tour roster included at least one female.

    As for the reason why? That’s where it gets tricky.

    online shopping- By Rachel Rascoe

    Online Shopping You Might Be Missing Out On

    When college life leaves you too busy to shop during normal store hours and your wardrobe subsequently suffers, shift your gaze to the beautiful world of online shopping. This list of eclectic online-only shops caters to many different styles and budgets, and will leave you waiting excitedly for pretty packages to arrive at your mailbox or the front desk of your dorm.


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